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Modular™ magnetic cylinders are precision manufactured using Samarium Cobalt magnet assemblies. Samarium Cobalt, a form of Rare Earth magnet, is effective up to 700 degrees Celcius. Combined with the Modular™ magnetic design, these magnets offer superior holding power and totally eliminate the need for tape or glue.

Other benefits include:

More uniform magnetic field eliminates the linear "dead band" common to other designs. There are no diead spots on the cylinder.

Available with precision register pins in any location on the cylinder surface.

The matrix of magnets distributes material hardness better for reduced "hi-lo" effect in final grind. This means tighter tolerances—up to .00005" TIR available!

Proven Modular™ magnetic design has twice the bonding area of other cylinders for increased durability.

U.S. Patent 6,454,686