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Magnetic Cylinder Primer

Simple. That explains magnetic cylinders and flat bases. They make things simple by using the power of magnetism to mount printing plates and cutting dies. They eliminate complicated mechanical devices, cumbersome sleeves, messy stickyback. Magnetic cylinders hold steel backed plates tight using a strong, stable, invisible magnetic field. Just line up the edge of the plate and release it. That’s all there is to it. Plates cling firmly to the magnetic cylinder without slipping, buckling, cracking, or stretching.

Registration is simple too. Choose from line-up pins, slots, or scribe lines. Or specify a special system suited to your application. All are designed to make plate mounting fast and accurate. And only one tool-a spatula-is needed for plate removal after the job is done.You needn’t throw that used plate away. It’s ready to mount next time you run the same job. With magnetic cylinders, plate life is determined by the number of impressions you make, not by how many times the plate has been mounted and removed.

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About T.D. Wright

Since 1975, T.D. Wright, Inc. has set the standard for effective magnetic cylinder design. All TDW magnetic cylinders use powerful, modular or helically oriented magnets energizing low reluctance pole pieces, carefully assembled with zero internal air gap. Spiral and Modular™ magnetic circuitry and precision manufacture combine to produce the exceptional magnetic strength and reliability characteristic of TDW products.We are proud of our reputation for providing superior products at a fair price, with attentive personal service and design assistance. This concern for customer satisfaction has earned us a growing list of satisfied customers including many of the country’s largest printers, converters, and press manufacturers.